Revolutionary Ways of Funding Carbon Offsetting Projects

Today, the world is constantly in a state of alert due to the environment. In particular, what global warming is causing. However, that does not mean that the world as we know it is not within reach of saving.

In fact, there are several ways of saving the world from reaching the point of no return. There are several projects that are aimed at offsetting carbon emissions, but how do you contribute to these? Well, the most straightforward way is to donate directly. But how do we involve the community to participate? Here are just some of the industries that incorporate innovative methods to do just that.


The retail industry is a major contributor in producing carbon emissions to the atmosphere. As a result, many big giants, along with the smaller ones have incorporated some interesting schemes that allow customers contribute to carbon offsetting projects.

One of the more common methods is during the checkout process or with the pricing of the product. During checkout, you might be asked to donate a few cents for carbon offsetting projects. Sometimes, the price tag may already have the amount added to the final price you have to pay. That way, the company’s carbon offsetting is financed right from the beginning.


The manufacturing industry does have a different way of supporting carbon offsetting projects. Of course, there are several methods out there, however, most of them stem from how big the manufacturing is. For example, if a particular customer plans to order a particular amount of goods, the costing includes the amount that needs to be spent for carbon offsetting. This way it allows the factory become environment conscious while also giving a more ethical outlook on their customers as well.


The online sales industry, or ecommerce industry has become quite a popular way of promoting finance and funds for carbon offsetting projects. One of the more popular methods is by including plugins. For example, there is a shopify carbon neutral plugin that allows customers to donate to carbon offsetting if they want to. Moreover, the amounts that you can donate are minimal and can be done very easily. Just like Shopify, other major ecommerce sites like Amazon and eBay are doing something similar to make sure that they are doing their bit for the environment as well.

Carbon Neutral Products

The other way of donating to carbon offsetting projects is by using carbon neutral products. Yes, this may quite indirect. However, if you do not purchase something that can be manufactured in a carbon neutral way and does not contribute to carbon emissions, you indirectly support carbon offsetting projects. This is because you decided to do this over purchasing an alternative that is manufactured and produces carbon emissions. This not only supports carbon offsetting, but also innovation within the community.

In conclusion, there are several methods that industries use to do their part for the environment even though some of them contribute to carbon emissions.

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