Tech etiquette tips for a more productive workplace

The productivity and efficiency of an office depends heavily on the level of cooperation between employees and as an employee, you must try your best to build strong relationships with your co-workers and perform all your tasks in a professional manner. For this, one must possess a comprehensive knowledge about work etiquette so that they will be able to protect and respect time, people and processes of the workplace. With the high extent to which technology is incorporated into the working environment, it has become a must to be knowledgeable about etiquette related to technology in the office as well. Read through this article which provides an up-to-date set of things you should and shouldn’t do in the digitalized workplace of today.

Lay off other’s PCs

It’s true that any and all equipment provided to its employees by an organization belongs to that organization, however, in the case of personal computers and laptops the situation is a bit different and the user and the user alone is authorized to use them. This is recommended by HR because unauthorized third-party access to an employee’s computer could put the organization’s sensitive information, said employee’s personal and confidential information and such at a great deal of risk. Or, it might simply belong to someone who is really possessive about their belongings, which could get you in a lot of trouble. Therefore, never use someone else’s computer, even if it’s just a quick Google search when you are away from your laptop.

Keep your phone on silent

A quiet and professional atmosphere must be maintained inside the office at all times to bring out the best performance of its employees and this requires the contribution of everyone. When you are fully synced with your work and are dead set on completing a task, the last thing you’d want to hear is a co-worker’s annoyingly loud ringtone which will cause a major distraction, hindering your productivity. This is why all the workers must make a collective effort to maintain a conducive working environment within the office by keeping their phones on silent so that it will not bother anyone else.

Ask before you unplug

On a busy day of work, finding a socket to plug your charger in and recharge your mobile phone or any other device can be a real challenge, especially in today’s context where pretty much everyone is in possession of some sort of smart device. If none is available around your work station you might have to walk around and look for a socket. Unless you find a vacant one, don’t ever unplug another device and plug in yours as that is highly unprofessional and impolite. Always remember to ask the owner of the device whether it’s okay if you unplug theirs and charge yours and if you get an okay, go ahead and do it.

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